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I finally have a new blog! After moving from over to, I knew I needed to give my blog a facelift. And instead of simply giving it a facelift, I just started from scratch! That’s the beauty of being a web designer and having your own business… when I want to change something (which I don’t plan on doing often, so don’t worry), I can make it happen. Next I’m hoping to get my new website looking the way I want, but I think I’ll wait a little bit before I tackle that project. At least a few months or so… we’ll see what happens I guess.

So anyway, along with the new blog redesign I also decided to re-brand myself at the same time. I worked on a new logo, something that I felt suited “Wolfcrest” a little bit more than my other logo did, which I felt was a little too modern. I wanted something more timeless, the same way I want my photos to be. I really hope this new logo reflects more of the classic look that I was trying to portray. I also decided to move away from “Wolfcrest” and “Wolfcrest Media” so that I can separate the two businesses. Soon will just be all my website/graphic work, and obviously Wolfcrest Photography will just be for photography. 🙂

And as a photographer, I felt that a blog entry requires images. Since I haven’t had any recent sessions to blog, I decided to use some photos I took at a concert my family and I went to about a month or so ago. We saw The Bacon Brothers play live at The Birchmere in Alexandria (I love that venue! Everytime we go there, I have a great time). If you don’t know who The Bacon Brothers are, it’s Kevin Bacon (the actor) and his brother Michael’s band – and I have to say I was really impressed with their show! They were all really talented, extremely tight as a band, and even entertaining. As much as I love and appreciate music, with most live bands I find songs here and there I don’t like – songs that I catch myself not paying attention to because something about it either bores me, sounds repetitive, or I just simply don’t care for the melody. I can honestly say that NONE of their songs had that effect on me! I think that’s happened to me only a handful of times in my life, but this was definitely one of those times. If you have the opportunity to, I’d definitely go and check out The Bacon Brothers play live. 🙂


Michael Bacon was so awesome at the cello! These guys seriously know how to play and write music.


In the photo above, Kevin was singing about a curvalicious, voluptuous woman…. hence the arm gestures. 😉




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