Photos take us back to a different time and place in our lives.

Looking back on photos, we can recall memories that might have otherwise faded over time. I’m sure we all know someone who has shoeboxes of photographs tucked away in a closet from the days of film. These physical shoeboxes have turned into digital ones – file folders stashed on our computers where images go and are often forgotten. Our phones and devices are relied heavily upon to document our daily lives, but the images stay there and never end up actually being printed.

Remember that these devices won't always last and eventually, they fail. The years quickly come and go, however these printed photos will outlive you and be the thing that your family members will look back on and treasure. You deserve to exist in physical photos, both for yourself and for them.

Studio Portraits


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On average, most of our clients invest around $900 for studio portrait sessions. To find out more information on our studio portrait photography, please inquire using the form on the contact page or shoot us a message below. We look forward to connecting with you.

Studio Portraits

All studio portraits are by appointment only and take place in our home studio. Posing guidance, professional hair and makeup, and a separate reveal session are included. Prints, products, and digital files are sold separately. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Starting at $250 (does not include any images)

Questions? Want to check availability?

Our studio is located in Fredericksburg, VA. All studio sessions begin at $250 which includes a sitting fee, professional hair & makeup (for one adult), a 1.5-hour long photo session, and separate reveal viewing session. Prints and products are sold separately. A La Carte Pricing begins at $225 and folio box collections begin at $950. Studio portrait sessions take place at the studio, but can also take place at another location or set up at your home. Please inquire for detailed information!