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Sara Robertson

Quick Facts about Sara:

If I could have dinner with one famous living musical artist, it would be my all-time favorite prog metal artist Devin Townsend. For influential, hands down it would be Jane Goodall.

I have loved Broadway since childhood, and my favorite character of all is Eponine from Les Mis.

If I could travel anywhere today, it would have to be Africa because there are so many endangered species living there that I would love to see in person.

My guilty pleasure television of choice is binge-watching episodes of Project Runway and I find comfort/nostalgia when watching Roseanne.

I watched "Beauty and the Beast" so much as a kid that I still have the opening storytelling dialogue from the movie memorized to this day.

I literally can't sleep with socks on or I feel like I'm suffocating.

Adam says that if Sara were an animal, she would be a horse for her gentle nature and devotion.

Northern VA Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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I was a bride before I was a photographer.

Our Story

"I need to introduce you to my guitarist -- you'll really love his sense of humor", my brother said to me one fall day in 2006 sitting across from me at our kitchen table in Norfolk, Virginia. Knowing my preference for dry, witty sarcasm, he knew I would jive well with Adam, the lead guitarist in the band he had recently joined called The Jayden Sentence. When I arrived to watch one of their shows at a bar in Virginia Beach, I was so excited to meet Adam but quickly overwhelmed when I saw how cute he was. I nervously shook his hand and attempted to say hello as I tried to compete with the loud music and background noise at Gil's. Watching him play that night, I could see how passionate he was with music and how insanely talented he was as a musician. After that first show and a cute little message he sent to me via MySpace thanking me for coming out to their show (yes, it really was THAT long ago that we were together), the rest was history.

We were married in October (our favorite month) of 2009 and honestly, the last ten years of marriage have gone by way too quickly.

Other than leaving the wedding with the best man in the world as my husband and the memories we had, I knew we'd only ever have our photos and video to look back on to remember our day. We hired our wedding cinematographers and they flew in all the way from Seattle. Our wedding video and photos are some of the most treasured memories we have from that day. This is precisely where my interest to become a wedding photographer began. Since I received my BFA in Graphic Design, I believe wholeheartedly it helps me tremendously in this field.