Fall Chatham Manor Family Photos | The C Family

This has been the third year I’ve had the honor of photographing the C family together. We typically have their photos taken at their home, but since their house is decorated for a Halloween party they are throwing in a couple of weeks (so fun!), they thought maybe another location might work better this year! I met up with them at the beautiful and quiet Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg for their fall family photo session; I had not been to Chatham in a few years and it was just as beautiful as I had remembered. The grounds and garden surrounding the Manor house is so unique and I hope to be back again for another photo session there soon.

Oftentimes, I work with kids who have loads of energy and there’s no stopping them. I allow their adventurous side to kick in and photograph the candid moments and these kind of photos honestly become some of my and the client’s favorites. I get quite a few email concerns from potential clients/parents who express that their kids don’t enjoy being in front of the camera and smiling for pictures. Here’s my response to that!

1) Don’t feel alone — many children don’t find posing for photos to be the most entertaining activity!

2) We will always do our best to get photos smiling at the camera at the start of the session (when it’s most likely to happen) or once their energy levels have come down a bit. I tell the parents that we will plan to get a couple of “posed” pictures, where everyone is smiling at the camera, and then after that, we won’t focus on poses so much. I want them to just interact and play with their kids, and follow their lead! If the kids aren’t into an idea that I or we present, that’s okay!

And 3) the carefree photos that capture their personalities will be treasured as you look back and remember all of their wide smiles, the silly way they tilted their head when they were answering a question, or the animated way they move their hands when they tell you a story.

I love spending this time with families and hope you enjoy this sweet family session with two adorable and wild brothers and their awesome parents! This family is so wonderful to photograph because they embrace the fun and natural chaos that comes with having toddlers. Liz and Matt, thank you so much for your support these last three years — I’m so very grateful to have had the chance to photograph you all and had so much fun with you! <3

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